A Schoolgirl died After physical education in Novokuznetsk

The tragedy occurred the day before at school No. 65 of the Novoilinsky district of Novokuznetsk. The girl became ill after playing basketball and online slot game. They called an ambulance. As relatives of the girls write on NK-TV, the car drove from the Zavodskoy district for 40 minutes. During this time, the physical education instructor tried to revive the child, but to no avail.

The ambulance car arrived, and then the second team made every effort to bring the girl to her senses, but in vain – not a single car was equipped with a defibrillator. Therefore, the teenager was taken to the center, but unfortunately, the girl was not saved.

“We implore that a defibrillator be purchased and installed in every gym, in every school,” the schoolgirl’s aunt writes on NK-TV. – I’m sure that if he was at school, then Vika could have been saved! And maybe the parents who saw you or heard about this very necessary device will listen and collect money not for plastic windows, but for this very necessary device in our time! Children are dying of cardiac arrest!

By the way, in Moscow today plans are being developed to liquidate health centers in secondary educational institutions, they say, “extra rate, extra money.” How “superfluous” it is can be seen from this tragedy. The Ministry of Health, in turn, is obliged to equip ALL ambulances with defibrillators, and not just cardiac teams …