Blue Girl learns in Novokuznetsk

In the 34th Lyceum of Novokuznetsk – a particularly reverent attitude towards the appearance of students. Judging by this report on the raid conducted by the teachers, there are many shaggy and luridly dressed children in the classrooms. And even – attention! – one hairy boy from the entire lyceum and one BLUE girl.

This could very well pass for a joke or, as they say, fake, but there are witnesses to this, the parents of shaggy and blue students. They say that the initiative belongs to one of the teachers, she walks through the classes, takes pictures of the lyceum students and then reports in this way. I wonder what should be the appearance of the students according to her ideas?

By the way, instead of counting “lohm” and boys in sweatshirts, the authors of this “register” would learn Russian …