The Good Line company helped the museum of the Novokuznetsk

Igor Petrov, a member of the Board of Directors of Good Line, took part in the celebration of the birthday of the Pamyat Museum of History and Local Lore at School No. 50 in Novokuznetsk.

The museum is run by its founder, Viktor Guryanovich Penkin, a teacher with many years of experience. It was he who was the teacher of history with Igor Petrov, when he received his secondary education in Novokuznetsk, where he was born and raised. “My soul is overflowing with feelings of pride for my students! They not only studied well, not only behaved well. The guys remember their roots and come, it’s very nice,” the teacher said.

After meeting with the teacher many years later, Igor Petrov presented a new laptop to the school museum, and gifts from Good Line to the activists. “This is not our first campaign to support educational institutions in Novokuznetsk this year,” said Igor Petrov. – We donated a computer class to school #60 and computer equipment to a chess club in the Ordzhonikidze district. By investing the younger generation, we are investing in the future of the city.”